What is Diyful?
Diyful is an web and mobile platform offering innovative tools to the average diy-er. Through Diyful the user can calculate what will be needed to the next diy task in terms of materials and cost. Diyful also offers Guides on How to do stuff and Experts Listing if the project is to hard to be completed.
How to calculate
The process is as simple as it gets.
After choosing the DIY project to do, just resize the area that is on the canvas to fit your needs. You can also enter the size of your area manually in the input boxes. We ask a few more easy questions to help us understand the status of the project and give you more accurate results. After that you just click on calculate.
You can now see the products you will need, click on them and go directly to the store and you can buy them. In order to complete the project, read the guides we suggest to you.
How accurate are the results?
We try to be as accurate as possible. We ask some easy questions to do so and we use the manufacturers guidelines to calculate the quantities.
Do I need to pay anything to use the calculations?
No the calculations are completely free . The only thing you need to do is register your details and you will be able to access the calculations!
Do you sell the products?
We don't sell the products, we let you decide what products you want to buy, directly from the stores.
Experts Registration
The registration for the experts listing is now open. Contact us for more information.

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